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Cory Trades Me Wedding Day Disaster Barbie for Saint Adolph Wolfli

Traded With: 
Cory Parsons and Saint Adolph Wolfli, A bARTer Sauce Trade

Even though Cory made something terrifying...

I still made her answer my "interview" questions. Read on in awe and wonder.

Q. How large is the largest stick you've ever dragged around behind you threateningly?
A: Well I have waved a pretend Harry Potter wand quite menacingly at people but I don't think I've dragged a large stick.

Q. Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
A: Smooth! Crunchy is disgusting :-o I like peanuts and I like peanut butter but the two don't go together.

Q. Could you please measure your butt and give us the circumference in inches here?
A: Gosh, I would but it's been a long time since I was in math class and I don't remember how to do circumference.

Q. If a hedgehog were to try to make friends with you, would you take him to the movies in your purse?
A: Of course!

Q. Do you carry a purse?
A: I do now!

Q. What would you name your hedgehog friend?
A: Ouchstoppokingmeyoulittlebastard

Q. Do you ever buy stuff on Etsy?
A: I LOVE Etsy! I try to stay away unless I'm looking for something specific because I will spend money that I shouldn't otherwise.

Q. What is the coolest thing you've ever gotten at a thrift store?
A: I found this plastic, hand painted display piece that is the coolest thing ever! It says "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" and is a big wolf laying in the grass with its tongue hanging out and a big bloody chunk bitten out of its stomach. Only $2!

Q. Have you ever worn skinny jeans and Crocs together?
A: No, but I'm going to put some on as soon as I take off my denim mini skirt and Uggs.