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Coy Trades Me Pickled Eyeball Candle and Robot Baby for Tin Can Lid Necklace and CyberDonkey 3000

Traded With: 
Coy Powers
bARTer Sauce Trade
bARTer Sauce Trade

Coy Powers, the creator of the Pickled Eyeball Candle (swoon) and the Robot Baby Picture, has lots of stuffs online that you should look at:

The Coy Powers Blog
Twitter: @coypowers
Etsy Shop
Facebook Fan Page

Just because Coy has a huge online presence, doesn't mean he gets out of answering my "interview" questions: 

Q: What is the circumference of your face? Please measure to the closest millimeter around the largest part.
A: 7000 millimeters

Q: Did you really just measure your face?
A: No, I just guessed (and I suck at the metric system, I hope I got close!)

Q: Okay, so the eyeball candle. That's pretty genius. How did you get to be so smart?
A:  Good genes, but if I write an autobiography, I’m going to attribute my genius to ‘cosmic rays.’ Actually, it's not so smart to make eyeball candles. It really tends to alienate you...which is why I wear a mask. I unmasked for the pic of me and the cydonk, though.

Q: If you had one wish that would be granted no matter what -- but it had to include peanut butter in some way, what would you wish for?
A: Easiest question yet. I’d wish for ten pounds of peanut butter cups, a digital camera, and myself to all be transported to a certain friend’s house. He’s allergic to peanuts, but he can’t resist a peanut butter cup. For some reason peanuts make him get a nose bleed. I’d love some photos of him with self induced bleeding. I’d probably also eat a couple of them myself. They’re yummy, and it’s my wish, after all.

Q: Do you have anyone in your life who will go buy you tortilla chips whenever you want?
A: I asked that very question a couple of days ago. Apparently I don’t. Especially if it’s snowing.

Q: How did you hear about The Sauce?
A: Someone who’s done a trade on the Sauce bought a pickled punk from me (I’m leaving out her name because of what she bought…some people are embarrassed that they have a fascination with babies in jars, go figure). Anyway, she told me about the Sauce, so I looked. I love it, got an account, offered a trade, screwed up and sent a freebie, got stuck with extra pictures and an extra story!

Q: Did you just fart?
A: It was the dog, honest!

I DO NOT have a huge online

I DO NOT have a huge online presence! I'm tiny and nobody ever notices! ...but thank you!

 The Sauce looks at quantity

 The Sauce looks at quantity -- not quality.