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Dangerine Trades Me Finding Lost Memories for Abandond Artist Sketchbook

Traded With: 
Dangerine and the abandoned artist sketch book
Dangerine and a hat
Abandoned Artist Sketch Book (post remix by Dangerine)
Abandoned Artist Sketch Book (post remix by Dangerine)

I got the awesome Dangerine shadow box the other day along with an email from her that said he and Nik have been working on their next Sauce trades.

I can't wait!

I should also mention that she is one of only two or three people who have actually supplied the 14 or so different ways to contact them that I request with each bARTer Sauce trade. She's detail oriented. That's for sure. TEACH ME!

She was kind enough to answer my dumb questions and also tell me the dumbest thing Nik has ever done. he he he

Rosalie: Where did you hear about bARTer Sauce?
Temple, a.k.a.Dangerine: Nik found the site, and after seeing the naked man charcoal in his bathroom, I wanted to play along.

Rosalie: Do you have any pets?
Temple, a.k.a.Dangerine: Three minnows, Happy, Sunny and Money who live in an overplanted tank.

Rosalie: What size shoes do you wear?
Temple, a.k.a.Dangerine: 38

Rosalie: Do you have a bike?
Temple, a.k.a.Dangerine: Define HAVE before I can answer this truthfully.

Rosalie: Were you in Seattle for the last earthquake? If yes, where? What happened?
Temple, a.k.a.Dangerine: Nope, but I had two co-workers who were on the 18th story of a skyscraper. They survived with their lives, laptops and continue to climb the corporate ladder that saved them.

Rosalie: What was your first kiss like?
Temple, a.k.a.Dangerine: I start counting at the first french...slow dancing, he thought I was his age. I was a lolita of thirteen. It was like being melted by my own saliva.

Rosalie: What's the dumbest think Nik has ever done?
Temple, a.k.a.Dangerine: Like the time he almost killed himself taking apart a disposable camera that electrocuted him?

Rosalie: oh, OH! Yes, for sure, that one!
Temple, a.k.a.Dangerine:

Well, I got this call around midnight one Valentine's day.

It was Nik.

His voice was small, and his energy was distant.

My worries started to rise immediately.

"Temple, you know those throw away cameras and the warning label on them?"
"Well, I took one apart, and I think it knocked me out."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean it totally zapped me. I threw it across the room, and I think I blacked out for a few minutes."
" you have blisters on your palms?"
" of them.."
"Oh, that could have totally killed you, dude."
We peel in laughter......