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Dartanion gives me two 80's Video Game graphic prints in exchange for Mice Krispies and Catacomb

Traded With: 
Rosalie Gale and Dartanion London
The Dart-Mondo

I also did a trade last night with Dartanion London (yes, that's his real name). I gave him two of Kelly Lyles prints - Mice Krispies and Catacomb - and he gave me.....

"Custom-made alternate props for hit dance duo "Darlene" from Dance Off 2006! Printed in full color glory and hand-mounted upon legitimate Walgreens paperboard. Iconic 8-bit Nintendo graphics perfect for your dorm room or other place you won't get laid!"

I love them...and so will you.

We met outside the Comedy Underground. Yes, you can tell from the sign in the background. We must have both been doing a show that night. The details are hazy as I'm trying to add meat to this post a good year and a half later. I can tell you that I think Dartanion is a swell guy and very funny. If you ever have a chance to go see Dartmondo I think you should do it.

The Picture of Me

Normally I hate pictures of myself.  But this one I like.  Too bad I cut my hair and got different glasses.  Maybe I'll just paste this one over my mirror and live in the past.