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Debra Trades me a Yoni Quilt Art Square in exchange for 4 Stickers

Traded With: 
Debra Zimmerman, a bARTer Sauce Trader

Just because Debra traded me a quilted vagina - it didn't mean she got away without answering some "interview" questions. Mmmmwwwwahahahahahahahah

Q: Where did you hear about The Sauce?

A: The Sauce,....well actually, I rarely touch the stuff.

Q: I noticed that most of the other quilt pieces that had yoni themes were a bit more subtle. Do you think the addition of hair helped you or hurt you in the yoni competition?

A: My yani was the best and hairiest in the whole competition, and my motto is "Up Front, Full On, No Holds Barred" and screw 'em if they can't take a joke.  So, to answer your question, it probably hurt me.

Q: Where did you store the yoni inbetween when you created it and when you traded it to bARTer Sauce?

A: In a very discrete location so please don't ask me again or I'll have to send the Men In Black to see you.

Q: Who do you envision the tiny person is looking out in the yoni? What are they thinking?

A: Her name is Espadrill and she is wondering where her Oreos and milk are as it's getting late and someone usually serves them to her by 10.

Q: What's in the boxes behind you in the picture?

A: Those are not boxes, they are file drawers where I store various body parts.