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Dominique Trades Me Big Mouth Lady Collage for Woman Feeding Horse Painting

Traded With: 
Dominique doing a bARTer Sauce trade.
Dominique doing a bARTer Sauce trade.
Dominique doing a bARTer Sauce trade.

I met up with Dominique in Occidental Park during the First Thursday Art Walk.

My studio is just a block away from there so I hauled the Woman Feeding Horse Painting over to his booth. He looked vaguely familiar and I couldn't quite place it for the longest time but then suddenly the other day I realized - he looks almost exactly like Bartlett Sher - previously the Artistic Director of Intiman Theatre where I spent a good four years of my life. He does have a twin brother. I wonder....

But despite his resenblance to Bart (or perhaps because of it), I made him answer the following "interview" questions: 

Q: What kind of person puts someone else's head on top of another person?
A: Ha ha ha ha ME ME ME ME ME ME

Q: Do you ever have bad dreams? What are they about?
A: Heavens. Well, depends on what's "bad" however conventionally, i've been having lots of dreams with having diarrhea. & getting it all over me.

Q: Do the things you create on paper ever follow you into your dreams?
A: Well inasmuch as there is a lot it & a lot of poo, yes. Otherwise not so much. & i kinds wish they did.

Q: How many cats do you have?
A: I live with 2.

Q: What drives you to create things?
A: Well, i can't have sex all the time. I can't seem to stop. Think i've given up art at lest 3 times in my life. Zero on quitting. Also no TV.

Q: Where can people find you online?

Q: How long have you lived in Seattle?
A: Since '88.

Q: Is this "summer" pissing you off?
A: Not at all. What were you expecting? This IS summer.

Q: If a pigeon and a peacock mated and created some sort of mutant bird, would you eat it?
A: Like raw off the street or prepared by a chef? Like one of a kind or part of a new species/race?
Oh what the hell, probably. Specially if i was hungry.