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Elizabeth gives me 600 paper cranes in exchange for Kelly's Catsup and Catolic prints

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bARTer Sauce Trade For Paper Cranes

You all know how I'm crazy about unfinished projects.

That's why I have so many of them myself. I just like having them around. That way, if I ever need to feel the satisfaction of completing something, I can just pick something up and finish it. Not that I ever do. Being finished is overrated. Anywhoozel, Elizabeth contacted me. She had a bag of 600 paper cranes. She was going to make 1000 but SHE NEVER FINISHED.

Maybe you've set a similar goal for yourself. One day you thought to yourself, I'm going to make 1000 paper cranes. Then you made 400 and got bored. Here's your chance to finish that up without anyone being the wiser. When I got to her house, she also gave me a photograph that she wanted to turn into a painting...BUT NEVER DID. Elizabeth is awesome! Not finishing things is cool! At the very least, she makes me feel like I'm not alone. I gave her two of Kelly Lyle's prints -- Catsup and Catolic --

Here's some things I've never finished:

While I was searching for my list of things I've never finished, I came across the weirdest trade I've ever been offered, so in the spirit of not completing things, I won't finish finding the list of things I've never finished, and insead share this with you:

"I have about a 1" end of my cat's tail in a plastic baggie. I know, gross, but 'odd'. One of our kitties, Philip (named Philip because he was found on a contaminated job site owned by Philips Petroleum Company) got his tail caught in the door. Not the side of the door that swings wide open, but the side of the door that has the hinges. Poor kitty was waiting for my husband to come out of the computer room (kitties aren't allowed in there) and when Sean stepped out into the hallway, the kitty was underfoot (like always) and the hallway was dark and Sean didn't realize Philip's tail had found its way into that little door crevass. I've never heard a cat scream like Philip screamed, but he was very forgiving and lovey to the man who had just accidentally shortened his tail. Much of the tail piece that I have is skin with fur (it sort of stripped off of the cartilige of Philip's tail) and Sean insisted we keep it. For awhile, it was in a visable place "to remind us to watch for cat's tails in doors" but one day I removed it from the visable location and Sean has never inquired about it."

Now, do you wish I would have found that list, or what?