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Emmett Trades Me Kill You in Your Sleep Teddy Lamp for Single Parent Paper Bag Skeleton Puppet Costume

Traded With: 
Dr. Fungomery
Emmett and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade
Kill You in Your Sleep Teddy Bear Lamp
Kill You in Your Sleep Teddy Bear Lamp

Emmett came over to our studio during the First Thursday Art Walk on my birthday to trade me this awesome Kill You in Your Sleep Teddy Bear Lamp.

I gave him a Single Parent Paper Bag Skeleton Puppet Costume that Brit made in honor of some small paper bag puppets that Emmett traded her about a year ago while they both competed in the Live bARTer Sauce trade made onstage at The People's Republic of Komedy Laffhole show. I didn't trade with either of them. But they did trade with each other.

Emmett is super funny. And weird.

Doug and I have a friend, Meghan, who is also weird. Well, we were talking one night (don't ask why) about how Meghan should date a unicorn -- or better yet, a man in a unicorn costume.

I kid you not, the next day, Emmett showed up at The Comedy Underground and said, "wanna see the unicorn costume I'm making?" and pulled it out of his backpack.

I wish I could say that this spawned some sort of love interest and that they've been together ever since.

That's not the case.

But they're both very nice.

And weird.

A few days after Emmett traded me this lamp, I went to another birthday party and as a gift, I received a framed painting of a teddy bear that looks like it has a tumor on his ear.

Roberta, who threw the lovely gathering and engineered making someone else make me a pie (a DELICIOUS pie!) gave me the painting because she thought it would be great for bARTer Sauce. Now, this confuses me because Roberta has participated in bARTer Sauce before and knows that it's an experiment in TRADING -- meaning she now has to receive something for the Tumor Teddy. It will come when you least expect it, Roberta, but it will be there. For you.

In honor of breaking bARTer Sauce rules (thank you for helping me get out of this rut, Roberta) I'm offering this item, which I have not traded for (yet) along with the Kill You in Your Sleep Teddy Bear Lamp. Sight unseen.