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The First Microwave Ever Made gets turned into a Diorama and bARTer Sauce is BORN!

Traded With: 
Microwave Diorama Love Tester

The First Microwave Ever Made wasn't traded for the Love Tester. IT WAS TURNED INTO IT!

Amazing but true!

No pictures of the long and complicated conversion process survived the long and complicated conversion process.

Here is the story as I lived it:

It has come to my attention that no one wants an old microwave. Even though it has the very hilarious "Probe in Use" sign on it. I am befuddled by this. Okay, maybe I could have seen it coming but I wanted to use the word befuddled in a posting. That is what I wanted from the beginning. Since birth, that is what I wanted. And now that my goal is complete, I have to find someone to trade this microwave with.

Fortunately for you, I have a very lovely and GENIUS friend named Susan. She said I should make the microwave into a diorama. And she is right. You may not know this about me already, but I make dioramas. I make lots of them. We have a diorama wall in our tiny apartment where my hideous creations live unharmed by normal society. I have even gone so far as to have diorama parties where I lay out a bunch of diorama fixin's and cigar boxes and let my friends go to town making their own dioramas. My friend Meghan made a punk rock baby farm diorama. I'm a little jealous of hers because it truly is a wonderful idea. She even drew little mohawks on the babies and they are all wearing tiny little skull t-shirts. My friend Meghan is a genius.

So, all of this is very much to your benefit Sauce Fans. Because I am offering a MICROWAVE DIORAMA in exchange for something weird of your choosing. You can even pick the theme of your new MICROWAVE DIORAMA. And it will rule, if I do say so myself. It will be art people, ART! I, Rosalie Gale, am willing to trade you ART for some weird crap you have laying around your house that you'll probably just throw away someday soon anyway.