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Gary Trades Me Punked Up Nuns for Time Machine Parts

Traded With: 
Gary and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Gary emailed me a few weeks ago -- forwarding me an email he got about bARTer Sauce in 2005.

His email basically said -- I'm cleaning out my inbox so I'm wondering if you still do this or if I can finally delete this. No go Gary. Can't delete it. I'm STILL doing this. To my surprise, he immediately offered me four Punked Up Nuns. They are very super-duper awesome.

He wanted the Time Machine Parts to add to his Neo-Victorian Time Machine Art car.

He offered me an explanation about why my website wasn't working:

"Being close to a full moon, the Mooninites are able to leap to Earth easier and reek havoc on our computerized machines. That's why people in newer cars experience road rage on a full moon, while us in crappy cars have a great time driving around them. Bells drive the little guys (or girls) off your car. Put a bell on your car and it will scare the Mooninites away. They like to stay in the dark recesses of a car, and a bell is a perfect place for to hide. The clapper in the bell drives them nuts and they wind up dropping off your car and onto the road where large SUVs driven to Enron stockholders named Donna wind up with the little beasts."

And in closing, I'd like to say that the funniest part about this trade for me was when Gary explained that he originally was going to make 13 nuns in a series and display them all together. But Archie McPhees ended their sale on nun statues so Gary decided four was enough.


That's the kind of lack of dedication I really admire.

Thanks for the nuns, Gary. I put them in the window of Stir. (216 Alaskan Way S - under the viaduct between Main and Washington) -- Someone just walked by, screamed and then said loudly, "That scares me." It was a chick. What do you expect? Chicks!