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Gary Trades Me Steampowered Top Hat to Increase Your Thinking Power for Robotic Bug

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Gary holding Robotic Bug trade
Gary holding Robotic Bug trade

Gary likes steampunk stuff.

I remember when there was a resurgence of steampunk interest a year or so ago -- or at least that's when I noticed it. I saw the word "steampunk" everywhere and I had no idea what it was. Now I have a better idea. Or at least I know enough to know that I want a freaking monocle. Oh yes.

And if not a monocle -- then maybe some Steampunk Beer Goggles that Gary makes. These babies are freaking fantastic. And look at their fancy carrying case. Oh mama.

Or maybe I like them because he uses this phrase in his Instructable tutorial, "A woman's jiggle fun parts...." who cares how that sentence ends. I just hope I'm thinking of the same parts that Gary is.

You'll have to forgive me if this posting is less poignant and structured than usual (is that possible?) but there is a constant banging noise coming from my upstairs neighbor's apartment. Now normally, I would think construction or picture hanging or something but I know for a fact that they have a tiny, little devil child who lives up there sometimes and runs around in a circle above our heads for many hours at a stretch. I suspect she has something to do with the banging.

I had never met my upstairs neighors. Never seen them. No idea who they were. But one day, while waiting in the lobby for the elevator, a small child was running in circles. Stopping only occasionally to run full speed into the closed elevator door.

I turned to the man who I supposed was overseeing this demon-child and asked, "Do you by any chance live on the 12th floor - apartment 1201?" He looked surprised and said, "Yes - why?"

Oh nothing. I just thought I recognized the patter of those little demon feet.