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Glenda Trades Me Ms. Thang a.k.a. Lizard Face in Exchange for 3 Ceramic Skulls

Traded With: 
Three Ceramic Skulls About to Eat a Barbie Head
A Ceramic Skull About to Dine on a Barbie Doll Head
Three Ceramic Skulls holding hands after feasting on a Barbie Head

Q. Tell me something your aunt did - other than call you Barbie.
A. She also called me "Ginny" which I hated & scared the crap out of me when I had to ride in in a vehicle with her.
Q. How big of a dog is too big?
A. Is there such a thing as too big? Maybe Clifford size.

Q. If someone offered to give you laser hair removal for free - but only on one leg, would you do it?
A. You bet! 1 less leg to shave &/or slice to shreds with the razor of doom.

Q. Have you ever gone to the airport just to hang out?
A. No, but I would like to.

Q. Does LA give you nausea?
A. Never been there so I'm not sure.

Q. Why do you think it took humanity so long to put wheels on a suitcase?
A. I believe it was a government conspiracy & they had the technology years in advance.

Q. What is the most you would pay for a hot dog?
A. I can get 8 of 'em for $1, but I've paid $2.50 at an overpriced concession stand before.
Q. Beets?
A. You'd have to pay me unless they were spicy pickled beets. Those things are awesome! I'll pay $5 for a jar of those.

Q. What is the scardest you've ever been in your whole life?

A. Probably anytime I had to ride with my aunt. I came close to peeing my pants several times.