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Jaden Trades me Crazy Neighbor Candleholder for Hopeful Centipede

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Jaden and Rosalie trading some stuffs in bARTer Sauce
Jaden and Rosalie trading some stuffs in bARTer Sauce
Jaden and Rosalie trading some stuffs in bARTer Sauce
Jaden and Rosalie trading some stuffs in bARTer Sauce
Jaden, Donald (The Heart of the Room artist) and some friends

Jaden is a frequent visitor at our First Thursday Art Walks.

I've even heard rumor that she let my studio partner paint her up like a hummingbird and photograph her. I have yet to see the evidence.

I don't know her very well, but I'm pretty sure that she knows the artist who created The Heart of the Room -- which I ended up with as a bARTer Sauce trade a year or two ago. I'm pretty sure about that because she's in a picture I took of him when he happened upon bARTer Sauce at the Art Walk a couple of months ago. If I'm wrong I'll have to write a different story I guess.

But for now -- The Heart of the Room. This is a perfect example of what I've discovered by doing bARTer Sauce trades for the last three years or so. Items have more value -- look better -- are more endearing -- when they have a good story to go with them.

I got The Heart of the Room from Tony.

Tony got The Heart of the Room when he moved into a place where Donald (the artist) used to live. Donald had been creating this -- well, I think I may have called it a monstrosity when I received it. Sorry Donald - I'm not trying to offend -- only to prove my point -- "thing" in the center of his room and didn't take it with him when he moved.

Donald showed up at my art studio a few months ago asking if I happenend to remember if I had traded for something that hung from the ceiling and had a grappling hook and a cow in it. I immediately yelled, "The Heart of the Room, of course!" Who forgets things that have grappling hooks and cows and hang from the ceiling? No one I tell you. No one.

I think he was surprised that I knew exactly what he was talking about right off the bat -- and then possibly more surprised that I forced him to sit down and tell me what the heck was going on with him when he made The Heart of the Room. He said he made it with things he had been collecting on walks over the last ten years. Street sweeper tires, some metal pieces his dad gave him, a white elephant gift shaped like a cow, an angel that a friend gave him to watch over (either for him to watch over the Angel or for the Angel to watch over him -- I'm not sure now), guitar strings from his father and many other odds and ends.

He called it The Heart of the Room because it hung in the center of a room -- the focal point -- the heart.

Donald left it in his room after he moved out because he didn't want to dismantle it because he'd never be able to recreate it. That's an understatement for sure.

So Tony traded it to me.

And after hearing Donald's story - I remembered with fondness the year or so that The Heart of the Room was hanging from a curtain rod in my apartment. There was just something about it. Something I couldn't put my finger on. It wasn't pretty. That wasn't it at all. It wasn't particularly artistic. It was just odd and sort of screamed -- "THERE'S SOME KIND OF STORY THAT GOES WITH ME!" That's my favorite kind of stuff.

Fascinating that Donald just happened to end up at my studio and rememberd that Tony said he had given The Heart of the Room to a weird trading project. Fascinating.

To me at least.

What are the odds people? What are the odds?