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Jaden Trades Me Snoop Doggy Dog for Hula Barbie

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Jaden and I trading Snoop Doggy Dog for Hula Barbie

It's been a long while since I've told an actual story.

On electronic paper. With words. When bARTer Sauce first started, I used to write a story with every trade but as time went on, I ran out of stories and the trades grew in frequency so I found a way to get out of it. So for awhile I started sending the people I traded with "interview" questions that I would make them answer in addition to writing the story that goes along with their item. So basically I would make them write lots more stories for no real reason or payoff. I am evil like that.

But now, I'm faced with a dilemma. I'm way behind in my site updates for The Sauce and I can finish this one tonight...if only I skip the "interview" questions and write a story myself.

Now, I am half-tempted to say, "There. That's your story right there. mmmmwwwaaaahhh!" And then I'd walk away feeling like I really got away with something. But instead of that, I shall tell you a story about the bus.

The Bus by Rosalie Gale
One day when my wonderful husband, Doug and I were riding the bus -- I forget where -- we encountered a very inebriated woman and a very inebriated man. I'm pretty sure they liked each other. Or she liked him. Or something. It was a long time ago and this back story is for sure not the funny part.

Anyway, she's sitting on one side of the aisle right in front of us and he's sitting in a seat across the aisle. She was asking him where he was going and he was asking her where she was going and they discovered that she got on the bus going in the wrong direction. Now, I could tell by the look in her crazy eyes that she had done it on purpose so as to ride the bus with the inebriated gentleman. Suddenly, she turns her attention toward me.

lady: "Wanna know what his problem is??"
lady: "Well, to make a long story short... "
lady: "None of your fuckin' business."
lady again: "Yer pretty."

Thankfully, our stop was next or I might have a greater understanding of what she was trying to tell me.