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James trades me a dorm fridge for the D&D books

Traded With: 
Rocky and Bullwinkle RPG Puppet
Guy With RPG Books
Guy With Plastic Puppet

It's been a rough week here.

I'm exhausted from all the late nights spent watching my good friend, The Sauce, suffer. There were times I didn't think the Sauce was going to pull through. It was a grim scene. Thanks to all of you though for your barrage of get well soon cards and flowers. I think they were a pivotal part of the Sauce's recovery.

And while I do feel bad for The Sauce, now that she's feeling a little better (she can keep a little broth down, but no solids please!) I'm starting to feel even worse for the Dungeons and Dragons stuff. Imagine how you would feel if LITERALLY no one wanted you. Imagine how you would feel if your base level of unpopularity threatened to RUIN a very nice woman's trading project. Imagine how you would feel? Probably not very good.

I haven't posted in way too long because quite frankly, I'm a little embarassed. Only I could trade from a $2000 paraglider to a worthless pile of books that no one wants (no offense Mike - and thanks for offering to trade back -- you're a real swell guy) in two trades. That takes talent. I got no offers at all from my craigslist postings so I tried to go where the nerds are and trade with them in their own environment. You know what? Nerds can be mean. Really, really mean. I posted a notice that I had books to trade on a D&D google group and the nerds made fun of me. Apparently I ignored one of their customs or somehow offended them.

So, things weren't looking very good. Then the universe stepped in and saved The Sauce. My friend James wrote me and said he was feeling sentimental about the D&D books and that he would trade me either: a broken dorm fridge, an air conditioner or a painting that he made. None of which are very tradeable items unfortunately. BUT THEN, I was boring a friend to tears with my talk of the dying Sauce UNTIL she heard me say that someone wanted to trade me a broken dorm fridge for the D&D books.

She stopped. Tears formed in her eyes. She hesitated. "Did you say someone was giving you a broken dorm fridge for the D&D books?" I said, "Yes, weren't you listening? I've been saying that for like 4 hours." And she said, "I know, I stopped listening for awhile but you just kept getting louder until I couldn't tune you out anymore. Then I heard you say something about the broken dorm fridge." This friend just happens to be directing a play that she wrote and she needs a BROKEN OR WORKING DORM FRIDGE.

I hope she still needs it because I'm trading James D&D books for a broken dorm fridge.