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Jeromy gives me wood, wire, and stone faces for the Horrible Thing Jim Found in the Wall

Traded With: 
Rosalie and Jeromy doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Jeromy and I tried to do this trade a few weeks ago on some holiday weekend.

And he called to cancel because some friends showed up and he had to barbeque.  Just moments before he called, we got an invite to a barbeque as well.  So we said, "Forget this trading thing.  Let's go get us some barbeque."  And that was that.  For a little while.  Then Jeromy came by my place with Stone, Wood and Wire Faces and we did a little trade off.

He seemed to really like the Horrible Thing Jim Found in the Wall of a House During Some Construction.

I'm glad.

Because now it is not sitting right next to my chair in the living room.  Looking at me.  Staring.  With those clown collars?  What in the world?  Yes, it just brings up too many questions.

Now I have three faces to keep me company.  It's like the three little pigs story.  I'll huff and puff and blow your face off.  No you won't, it's made out of stone. eyes.  And on and on like that.

I should sleep now.

Except I just remembered that I put Wire Face in our bedroom.  The one that is supposed to bring bad Karma.  Oh no. I gotta go.