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Jessamyn Trades me her Brain Scan and Fancy Mask (and accoutrements) for Drag Queen Clown and Kill You in Your Sleep Teddy Bear Lamp

Traded With: 
Jessamyn and some horns.
Rosalie and Jessamyn doing a bARTer Sauce trade

As per usual, I have subjected Jessamyn to my own brand of "interview" questions.

This tradition began long ago when I used to pressure myself to come up with an engaging and funny story of my own to go along with each trade. Well, after about a million or so trades, it seems I have run out of stories, so now, I make my Sauce traders work extra hard by telling me a story AND answering my lame "interview questions." Personally, I think this solution is genius. Plus, I'm lazy.

Q: If you could be one of those annoying, random beard hairs on any woman in history -- who would you choose and why?
A: I think I would rather be part of Frida Kahlo's sweet sweet unibrow. Because that would be the coolest.

Q: What's the significance of your first name?
A: My mother told me I was not named after the author Jessamyn West, and always gave me the impression that she had gotten the name from a Portland salon called Jessamyn's beauty parlor.

Q: When you think about sushi, what do you think?
A: Delicious...

Q: Are you a Seattle native, or did you move here from somewhere?
A: I am a native of Ballard.

Q: Do you have any annoying pets?
A: I have two semi-annoying cats. They are annoying in a normal cat way, though.

Q: Do you remember what comic book store you left your masks at? I kind of want to see if they're still there.
A: It was The Dreaming at 5226 University Way NE. Actually, it's also possible that I left them at the Metro clothing store on Capitol Hill. I can't remember. I know I left them somewhere...

Q: What's your favorite way to prepare potatoes?
A: I like all forms of potatoes, but if I had to choose I suppose it would be twice-baked.