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Jim Trades Me the Horrible Thing He Found in a Wall for a "How To Cook Like a Stud" Cookbook

Traded With: 
Jim and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade at Chop Suey

This trade took place at Laffhole.

It's a weekly Indie comedy show that recently moved from CHAC to Chop Suey. This was my first live trade that I've done onstage. I brought three items with me: the tombstone, the "How to Cook Like A Stud" cookbook and a painting of a cockfight. The idea was that all of the people offering up trades would tell a story about it onstage and then the audience would pick, by round of applause, who I should trade with. Then, the winner got their pick of which of the three items they wanted to take home with them. It was pretty cool for a first attempt at this thing...and at the end, people were yelling, "Cockfight! Cockfight!" And that can never be bad.

Jim didn't win the contest, but I traded with him in the green room because he was kind enough to lug that painting over to the show in the middle of the night and I couldn't very well ask him to lug it back home too, now could I?

He wisely chose the very light (fits in your pocket even!) copy of How to Cook Like a Stud! I'm sure he'll enjoy it. It shows you how to make food with tools in your garage. Mmmmmmm sanitary.

It was horrible!

kuato's picture

And now I'm glad it's gone.

Thank you bARTer Sauce!