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Jo Jo Stilletto trades me two sock puppets for the Spamster print

Traded With: 
Jo Jo and Spamster

Jessica (Jo Jo Stilletto - the High Heel of Hurt) got her Spamster print to commemorate her poor dead hamster, Cameltoe.

I remember fondly the Christmas card I received one year with an image of dear Cameltoe peeking out of a stocking with his name on it. It was truly profound.

Here is Jessica's story:

Cameltoe was the best hamster ever! Even in his death he brought joy. The condolence card I got from the vet said, "We are so sorry for the passing of your dear Cameltoe." Now that is comedy! And it helped me to be able to smile some because I was actually pretty torn up.

He was a good little guy. He loved little yogurt drops and to climb on people (including Lauri's mesh shirts) and only bit folks he didn't like, especially pesky co-workers. Yes, sometimes he would come to work. And he had the magic ability to win over people said they hated rodents. Once, a co-worker took him for the weekend for her kids to learn that they didn't want to take care of a pet. Mary Love, a brazen southern belle, wrote this note, "I hate rodents...but Cameltoe can come and stay with us anytime."

He was even featured on a Christmas card, wearing a little santa hat and popping out of a stocking that said his name.