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Josiah Trades Me Butt Sketch for Mark's Self Portrait

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Josiah and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade
Josiah and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

It's February First Thursday.

I'm wearing a skirt for some odd reason.

Two women show up unexpectedly and give me a box of trading cards that they made featuring bARTer Sauce items and stories. These two kind women have used bARTer Sauce for a class project and distributed some trading cards around the city advertising bARTer Sauce at First Thursday. I had no idea.

Then, imagine a young man walking in. HOLDING ONE OF THE TRADING CARDS....

Yes, it's proof. Marketing does work. And the absence of it might explain why bARTer Sauce is not yet a major motion picture. That, and the fact that there is no way to make a major motion picture out of a website. Or at least not out of this website.

So anyway, Josiah, he walks in (HOLDING ONE OF THE TRADING CARDS) and asks where bARTer Sauce is. Now, granted, he was right the thick of bARTer Sauce. There was a huge banner behind him that says, "bARTer Sauce." But that is neither here nor does however, give me something to write about. Sorry Josiah.

Josiah traded me his sketch of a butt (what could be better for The Sauce?? BUTTS!! -- okay, granted, that was too much excitement) for Mark's Self Portrait. Mark traded me something he invented called a Crow Cannon some time ago and I bullied him into also trading me this self portrait. The self portrait piece has been in The Sauce for quite some time and I've really enjoyed having it. Love the colors. Love the fact that you have to look at it really closely and at just the right angle to see the self portrait part.

Mark - get ready. Now I'm gonna bully you into trading me something else.