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Juli Trades Me Tin Can Lid Necklace for Last Supper Sculpture

Traded With: 
Juli playing peek a boo with the Last Supper Statue
Juli and the Last Supper Statue

Juli makes stuff.

You can check out her stuff on her Artfire shop and keep up with her travels on her blog, JulisJewels.

She lives far away so we had to do our trade through the post office. In keeping with current bARTer Sauce tradition, I made Juli answer the following "interview" questions. Well, I think these were the questions. You see, I sent them to her through the contact form on our new website. Then, she wrote back with the answers -- but it doesn't show previous conversations like gmail does -- so I no longer remembered what the questions were. Juli was very kind to help me piece it all together.

Now I know: Always send yourself a copy of the questions, Rosalie. Always.

Q: How do you feel about hummingbirds?

A:  I heart humingbirds, but they do freak me out a little bit, what with the speed and all.

Q: Waffles or Peaches? Which says breakfast to you?

A.  bacon=breakfast!

Q.  If you were playing golf with an insect what would it be?

A.  if I had to play golf with insects (which would only really happen in an alternate universe, seriously) I would have to say dragonflies as they are my favorite insect.  Most all other insects really freak me out (except for butterflies, but I still like dragonflies better).

Q.  How long did it take you to make the necklace?
A.  It took me 2 years and about 30 minutes to make the necklace.  The 2 years is the time it took me to decide what to do with the lid, the 30 minutes is how long it took me to go from Krissi's comment on blue and brown bird designs on Etsy (not a fan) to an actual necklace with a blue/brown bird motif.

Q.  Have you done this kind of thing before?
A.  I have turned other salvage pieces into jewelry, but this is the first time, I wasn't sure it could actually be worn.

Q.  Do you think you have stuff you don’t need?
A.  I have lots of stuff I don't need, but it (weirdly) makes me happy to have it.

Q. Do you like cats? 
A.  I heart cats.  I have 2 of them, Rocky and The Bear.