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Kelly gives me another Mice Krispies print in exchange for 600 paper cranes

Traded With: 
Art Car
Kelly Lyles

Previously I threatened to give Ron Reid at the Comedy Underground everything I have yet to trade away with bARTer Sauce.

I have yet to pack up all the untradeables for him. I guess I'm just afraid he'll never let me on stage again. (Perhaps a wise choice in any case.) Plus, I'm probably too lazy to go to all that trouble.

As an alternative, I've asked Kelly Lyles to trade me another Mice Krispies print (she's getting 600 paper cranes) so that I can trade Ron that along with two of her Ferret prints (Ferret Cake and Ferret Juice) for his hilarious cookbooks for men. She's agreed. Because she's the nicest woman, ever. I love her.

Kelly volunteers at the theatre I work at (not that I knew that before I met her -- Seattle is such a small city!) so I left her the 600 paper cranes in a plain paper bag in the box office. She picked them up when she was volunteer ushering and left me a Mice Krispies print. It was all very "drug deal" if you could do a drug deal in a non profit theatre. Oh wait.

I bet you could.