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Kelly gives me EIGHT AWESOME PRINTS for a Microwave Diorama

Traded With: 
Art Car
Seattle Atrist Kelly Lyles
Kelly Lyles Art Car

Kelly Lyles gets her custom made Microwave Diorama.

In return, she saves Barter Sauce by trading 8 different art prints.

I went to Kelly's house (she's the artist that does the rodent prints) to do the trade. She rules. Her whole house is filled with fantastic stuff and she's got a secret room. It was a little scary when we got there because it was late at night and very dark. Her house is set back from the street a bit so you basically walk up a little set of stairs and suddenly see about a hundred rocking horses staring at you. It's a little frightening at first.

Kelly traded me eight of her matted rodent prints for the (sight unseen) microwave diorama. The prints I got are (and I'm making up names for them here): Ferret Juice, Betty Crocker Ferret Cake, Benson & Hedgehogs, Catolic, Mice Krispies, Catacomb, Greetings from VIagra Falls and Cat-Sup. They rule.

I'm working away on Kelly's Microwave Diorama. We decided on the theme: Love Machine. It will be in the vein of those Love Testers that tell you how hot you are. Except that it will be in a microwave. And melted Ken dolls are involved. My wonderful husband is learning electrical engineering so that it can hopefully light up and blink and stuff. So far I've glued a bunch of stuff on the outside -- and later today I'm off to Value Village for some Ken dolls I can boil.

You could say that I'm not famous for finishing things or for following through on even half of the great ideas I've had in my lifetime. For example (most recent first):

Travel around with Meghan and Doug in a van that doubles as an espresso stand.

Travel around with Meghan and Doug reviewing reststops and interviewing people there.

Writing a book about a girl whose stomach jumps out of her mouth and goes on adventures.

Crocheting the blanket that's been living in my closet for four years.

Making bumper stickers that say "I'll support anything." when the "Support the Troops" stickers first made their appearance on the scene.

Creating NailStyque, a concoction that dyes your fingernails but not the skin next to them. (This is unfortunately scientifically impossible - but I won't pretend that's the reason I didn't do it.)

That's enough examples for now. I'm starting to feel bad about myself. And this was all just to illustrate how cool it is that I finished the microwave diorama for Kelly Lyles, the artist of the rodent prints. When you push a button a buzzer goes off and the lights in front of each scene light up randomly really fast. Only one is chosen.

Will you get: impotence, internet dating, infidelity or true happiness?

I'll tell you a secret - True Happiness isn't even wired up so you'll never get that one. HA!