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Kristin Trades Me Gumball Kitty Feeder for Farting Duck

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Me and Kristin doing a trade
Me and Kristin doing a trade

Kristin is difficult to explain to someone who has never met her.

We met last year at the Fremont Solstice Parade. We were both vendors -- she was selling ceramics and I was selling Shower Art. We made fast friends and when she went back to Portland, she invited us there for a craft show she was putting on. It was there that we discovered that she and my husband went to high school together in New Hampshire at Pembroke Academy. With a graduating class of 160 or so -- that's pretty rare.

Anyway, we've kept in touch and made plans last weekend for Kristin and her boyfriend Andy to come and stay with us while we did three shows: The Art of Comedy at the First Thursday Art Walk, Punk Rock Flea Market and I Heart Rummage. We all drank way too much and stayed up way too late and in general had tons of fun.

For three days I had to listen to Kristen talk about this Gumball kitty cat feeder. And finally, I traded her for it so I would never have to hear her utter another word about it. I had to force her to write me a story...which she did. And when I read it, I almost fell off my chair laughing. She does not and has not ever had a one legged cat named Moby who used the Gumball Kitty feeder. Never. Hilarious.

Pembroke Academy Website

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Hard to believe, but Pembroke Academy has a website.

It's bad.  Bad bad.

It would have been a shamefully embarrassing site in 1999.  Today, in 2009, it's just sad.