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Lauren Trades Me 25 Door Plates for Boobs Over My Hammy

Traded With: 
Lauren with her bARTer Sauce trade: Boobs Over My Hammy

Lauren's Answers to my Annoying Interview Questions:

Dear Rosalie,

I posted a photo of the door plate along with my face in the picture. I hope you enjoyed it, I am thee most photogenic person I know.

As for the interview questions:

1. My foot is a size 8 or 9, it always depends on the shoe. The actual length of my foot is 25 cm in length and no, I will not give you the measurement in inches because I am Canadian and I'm sure you can figure it out. (1 in=2.5 cm)

2. I went to private school for a year in Thailand and it was... not cool. I had to wear a really ugly uniform with a blue pleated skirt that was too long to be any kind of sexy and a shirt with pleats on the sleeves. Gross.

3. No I have never dreamed that my head was made of macaroni. It's rare that I dream my body parts are made of something else. (and on that note I've never had a dream that my teeth have fallen out... I hear that's a popular one these days...)

4. I never had a barbie dream house. I used to take my older sisters unwanted barbies and cut off all their hair and make them bungee jump off our loft area... I was a bored farm kid what can I say?

5. Heroic event? Heroic doings? Last semester I made muffins for every Monday class, 7 weeks in a row. I know for a fact that some kids didn't have enough money for food so I'm pretty sure I started off their weeks on the right foot. That was fun... and a great community builder. I still bake more than once a week.

Kinda cool that this trade is coast to coast AND over the American/Canadian boarder! Neat!
Until next time, same bat time, same bat channel,