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Lauri Trades me 5' Tall Asian Woman Sculpture for Barbie Monster Fish

Lauri and Rosalie trading Barbie Fish Monster for an Asian Statue
Asian statue in the trunk of our car

So Lauri lost the Laffhole competition

But just barely.

I don't think she really wanted to haul this sculpture/doll thing back home again, so I traded her backstage. Okay, okay, I'm making it sound like I wasn't jumping up and down yelling, "Oh, come on! Trade me! Come on!" which I wasn't. At least not on the outside.

I gave Lauri the prized Barbie Monster Fish that I got from Ariane who lives in Wyoming and made a cardboard cutout of me. Lauri better take really good care of it. Or she'll have me to deal with.

Lauri named the busty Asian sculpture Mrs. Woo. Mrs. Woo hung out in the green room at Chop Suey and was stonefaced as each male comic came up and asked if he could feel her up. She was so over it by the end of the night.

When the show was over, we stuffed her in the trunk of the car (where she remained for several days) on top of the credit card costume. I'm just glad we didn't get pulled over and have to explain ourselves.