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Marry Trades Me Dancing FIgures Painting in Exchange for The Hoarde and Robot Baby Picture

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Marry with her bARTer Sauce trades
Marry with her bARTer Sauce trades
Marry with her bARTer Sauce trades

Marry, like all Sauce traders before her, patiently responded to my "interview questions":

Q. How did you hear about The Sauce?
A. I must admit, I'm not sure of how I've gotten to know The Sauce. I must've stumbled across it while searching myself for interesting stories and strange objects.

Q. Do you like to rock?
A. I like to scissor more.

Q. If fatty wants a party, should fatty get a party? (Fatty is a cat)

A. Fatty deserves to party too!

Q. What do you think is the best way to lure a cat into a cardboard teepee?

A. Throw a party inside the cardboard teepee.

Q. When is the last time you sent someone an actual letter?

A. The last time I sent someone an actual handwritten letter has been several years for sure. However, sometimes I do like to send people postcards for no reason.

Q. How many days in a row have you gone without showering?
A. 3. I just like being dirty sometimes :-x

Q. How many times have you been camping in your life?

A. A dozen times at least. The last couple of years I been putting up my tent on festival grounds though.

Q. Have you ever gone camping - but not on purpose?
A. No, I've never done some unplanned camping. Guess I like to drag along too much stuff for that.