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Meghan gave me her Punk Rock Baby Farm diorama for Kelly's Benson and Hedgehogs print

Traded With: 
Meghan Hounshell Holding A Kelly Lyles Print With Her Index Finger Extended

For this trade the Benson and Hedgehogs print went to Meghan Hounshell (local stand up comic who is way funnier than me) for the Punk Rock Baby Farm.

Look at the picture. Look at it now!

She really wanted me to "Look over there!" You can tell by the way she's pointing over there. I did look. There was nothing over there. She's funny. She slept on my floor last night. Well, on her air mattress that she keeps under my bed.

Nothing really happened during this trade. But Meghan and I did go on a road trip once. Let's talk about that instead:

The trip

Some of you who actually read my entertaining although admittedly somewhat long and rambling emails and postings might remember that my friend Meghan and I went on a road trip to California recently for the California's Funniest Female Competition. We drove two days there. The contest had no residency requirements. We wrote a seventeen page document on the way that we believed at the time to be hilarious. Here's a clip. You decide:

"This trip is so pointless...
We try to think of something along the lines of "Your Mamas So Fat" jokes. makes Larry the Cable guy seem poigniant. makes me die a little on the inside. can run with it.
It takes me a moment to get that one. Like scissors. HA!
I laugh.
What else is pointy?
uh huh.
Meghan: it couldn't even cut soup. That's stupid.
Porcupines are pointed.
Rosalie...You'd never have to pull this trip out of your dogs snout with a needle nose plyers.
The star of David has six points. has six less points than the star of David.

And yes, it goes on like that for seventeen pages. Actually, to be completely honest, it gets worse, way worse. You'll see.

So we drove for two days for this competition. When we pulled up we realized it was in a strip mall. There were about 25 people there. I drew #2 so I'd have to go on stage second. The girl who was supposed to go up first didn't show I completely ate it in the number 1 slot. Ah well, it's not like we drove for two days for this. HA! Moral of the story: Residency requirements or no, that competition is probably best if you already live in California. I've actually never been happier to lose anything in my life because that was just the preliminary round. Then there would be the quarter-final found. Then the Semi-final round...and then the finals. That's a lot of trips to California.

Regardless, we had a blast. We had a blast driving out there...competing and driving back. It was quite possibly the dumbest trip anyone could have taken. Near the end we got a little slap happy. I produce this as evidence:

Meghan and I devise a plan to drive around the country (Her, Me and my husband Doug) in a trailer/RV thing that is also set up to make coffee drinks. Then we would book comedy shows in different towns and just drive there and sell coffee. Meghan said we could sell coffee after the shows and pitch it during. She is a genius. We think of possible names for our newest mistake:

Caffinated Comedy
Laff Roasters
Laugh a' Latte
Oh Beans!
Comedy Espress
Mocha Jokeas
Knock knock, who's there? Coffee and comedy
The Venti Drips
The Comedy Suck Bus
Decaf Comedy
Three Shots in the Dark
Old Timey Beverage and Comedy Makers
The Java Jestors
Laugh at Joe!
Comedy that won't put you to Sleep

I think I've said enough.