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Michael Frank from The Museum of Bad Art Trades me Space Aliens in Crayon for Old Man Murder

Traded With: 
Michael Frank, MOBA Curator, and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

I hope Sean doesn't get mad at me for trading his painting to The Museum of Bad Art.

I'm assuming he won't since he wrote about how much he hates that painting. Plus, now he can say that his work is in a real museum.

You can read all about the MOBA visit on my blog.

Or you can not read all about it and forever live in wonder as to how it turned out. The choice is up to you my friends.

I woke up the morning of the event and got really excited because it was The Stranger suggests event for that day. Huzzah! I was pretty frazzled as I thought this was going to be kind of a quiet evening with some friends of The Sauce but it now had the potential of being pretty busy. I was a little distracted when I borrowed the - very expensive projector - from work and promised that if anything happened to it I would buy them a new one.

Well, something happened to it. I walked across the street with it, set it in the locked lobby of my apartment complex and walked next door to order a sandwich. And then it was gone.

I don't know if you've ever tried to borrow a projector one hour before an event begins when you've already lost one projector -- but it turned out to be easier than I thought. Who knew?!

And after a good hour or so of trying to hook up the second projector I had borrowed in one day -- and get the picture to show right-side-up instead of upside-down and backwards....we succeeded.


Lots of fun people showed up and listened to Michael Frank, curator-in-chief, talk about the museum's rules for determining if something is indeed bad art. My favorite was the distinction between bad art and uninteresting art. And the fact that no art that children make is bad. That's the sweetest rule ever. Some books were sold. Another presentation was given. Many people heard the story of me losing the projector.

All in all, a super-good night.