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Mike gives me the monkey shelf in exchange for a naval officer hats

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bARTer Sauce Trade
bARTer Sauce Trade

Here's Mike and I trading a naval issue hat for a horrible shelf like thing that is being held up by a monkey.

Mike said he traded it to me for the hat because his wife won't let him hang it up in the house. Can you imagine not wanting this in your house???

Doug and I actually went to Dedam, Massachusetts to the actual location of the Museum of Bad Art to trade with Mike, the Curator. MOBA is in the lobby of the men's restroom underneath a movie theatre. I've never seen anything cooler. Doug and I didn't go there JUST to trade with Mike -- it was also our wedding reception and Doug's family lives near there. It worked out perfect.

This trade came about when I started sending threatening emails to Mike, The Curator of MOBA. For all the horrible details, check out my other trade with MOBA.