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The Museum of Bad Art wins Worrying Man in the first bARTer Sauce trade contest

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bARTer Sauce Trade

bARTer Sauce held it's one and only contest for a painting I found in an alley.

I pitted my poor friend Colin in New York (who made me the most awesome paper mache hedgehog) against The Museum of Bad Art (who offered me an awesome painting of a cockfight).

Colin was miffed because, well, MOBA has a mailing list...and Colin, well, Colin does not. He made a great run for it though and ended up losing by a pretty small margin when you take everything into consideration. Despite his best efforts, MOBA did take it on home!

Congrats MOBA!

Now if I only knew someone who was going to the Boston area who could bring them this painting...yeah, that's going to be a problem.