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Nicolas trades me Creepy Clown Painting for Angry Naked Guy Sketch

Traded With: 
bARTer Sauce Trade with Nicolas Caesar
Remixed by Temple Terkildsen. Painting of an Angry Naked Man With Horns

Nicolas' reply once we nail down what we're trading for and how:

Angry Man will do!

My address is:
xxxxxxx, xx xxxxx
I'll pack up your clown :>

I do a little dance and then respond to him yet again (are you seeing yet how much work bARTer Sauce is?):
Heck yes,you can mail it to:

And if you wanted to send me a picture of you with the package before you sent it...that would be awesome!

Nicolas forces himself to reply once again:
likewise, will do, i'll also send you the tracking number :>

i'm very excited about my angry naked man, it's going in the downstairs bathroom for guests :> my wife and i play poker with a lesbian couple named liz and lynette. earlier i had hoped to throw them off their game with a nudie girl deck of cards i had bought from a liquor store, figuring they'd either be traumatized by the bad 70's photos or the opposite, either way i'd have a chance at beating them. when i brought them over lynette showed me her jumbo deck. i had failed. so i hope to redeem my efforts with angry naked man.

I shake my head in bemused wonderment and reply yet again:
Hiya -- I got your painting today --

Took me a little longer than you to mail mine, but it's on the way to you. Thanks so much for the trade. I love the clown! Well it's ookey at least.

Nicolas screams to himself when he sees yet another email from me, lets out a huge sigh and replies one more time:

I have a twin. Here's a pic of my twin's godfather reinactment.