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Nicolas trades me "Scary Clown" and "Drinkey Clown" for "Four Boobed Alien with Dingle" and "Pokemon Drawing and copy of Other Voices"

Traded With: 
Nik, being creepy
Nik, being creepy

More and more trades are happening through the mail these days as bARTer Sauce expands to every corner of the world to prepare for our eventual takeover/world domination.

I ran to the post office just before closing and the same woman helped me who got mad at me last time for trying to mail huge packages two minutes before the post office closes.

This time nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

She was even almost pleasant.

So that's not a good story at all.

I've gotten in the habit of just telling a story of my own when there is no real story about the trade itself. Today I think I'll tell the story of the novel I've written one chapter of and keep meaning to finish.

The plot: One day there is a girl who is so hungry that her stomach jumps out of her mouth and goes to find it's own food. Then, it starts jumping out of her mouth more often and fights some kind of crime that detached stomachs would be good at fighting (to be determined). Then, her stomach falls in love with her next door neighbors' stomach (that also jumps out of his mouth for some reason to be determined). BUT, (and here's the crisis) she can't stand her next door neighbor. And the next door neighbor can't stand her.



Hey, where did you all go?

I do know that you should go to and check out some stuff that Nicolas has something to do with.