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Nik Caesar Trades Me 'Kids With Guns Mug' in Exchange for the House Hat

Traded With: 
Nicolas Caesar, A bARTer Sauce Trader

Nicolas Caesar runs and makes art that would seem at home in your most terrifying nightmares.
A few things happenend in my life that made it take about six-months to complete this trade.

  1. I'm lazy.
  2. broke my ankle and couldn't walk for about three months.
  3. I thought Nik had moved so I was hesitant to send his House Hat to what I thought was his old address. I was also hesitant to email him to confirm his address because of #1 above.
  4. I had to take pictures of the Kids With Guns Mug and I couldn't find my camera.
  5. Once I found my camera, the memory stick was full.
  6. Once I emptied the memory stick, I put it back in the camera. Then I remembered that you can't empty the memory stick using a Mac otherwise you have to reformat the memory stick.
  7. I tried to remember how to reformat the memory stick. After an hour or so of pressing all the buttons I had to call my husband and see if he could remember. As soon as I asked him about it, I found it on the camera - but now it looks like he's the one who solved this problem. He's not. HE'S NOT!
  8. Then, when I got the camera ready to go, I realized that the mug was at my house and the camera was at my art studio.
  9. Finally, yesterday, I wrapped up the mug in some paper and caned (caned = walked with a cane) to my studio and took pictures.
  10. While creating the pages on the website for the trade, I fell asleep.

And those are the top ten reasons why it took me a long time to update the website with Nik's trade.

The end.