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Nik Trades me Drag Queen Clown for Picture of Amber

Traded With: 
Crazy Nik Face
Amber Alert By Nicolas Caesar

Nik trades with me a couple of times a month at least so I'm not quite sure how many "interview" questions he has had to endure but I do know that I now have a lot of trouble coming up with good ones.

For this trade I made Nik think of five questions and answer them. I know, I'm surprised he even talks to me anymore.

Q. What are you working on now?
A. Right now I'm auditioning to be Milla Jovovich's sketch artist for her new film. I was asked if I could illustrate a journal of a nightmare-troubled female art student. I did something like the necronomicon hahaha

Q. Your favorite line from a recent movie?
A. "Do you have the crazy?" - The Signal

Q. Your favorite extra from a movie?
A. In the making of Zolar:The Extreme Sports Alien, the director informs us that aliens are real and dragons are extinct

Q. Top 5 bad films?
A. Hard Rock Zombies
Night of the Lepus
Jimmy, The Boy Wonder

Q. Filmmaker you'd recommend?
A. Dave "The Rock" Nelson


Nik emailed me with his newest remix (he likes to trade me for pieces and then change them around or add to them while still using the original art as a base for the project). He calls this one "Amber Alert."

I've added a picture of it here. Enjoy!