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Nik Trades Me Glitter Cats for Russian Book and Jar Grandma

Traded With: 
Weird Nik in face mask with weird thing peering over his shoulder.

Normally I force Nik to write his own interview questions AND ANSWER THEM.

This is because he submits trade offers all the time. It's more than I can keep up with. So I figure, make him help with the paperwork, right? Well, now there's another guy -- Will -- who is giving Nik a run for his money in terms of number of trades. I actually banned both of them from the site from July 15 - September 1st so I can enjoy the last dregs of my summer. I also forced them to start trading with each other too instead of just using me as a third-party go-between so pass off their weird-ass stuff.

So, like I said, normally, I make Nik write his own questions -- but reading these -- I'm honestly not sure if I wrote them or if he did. That's how far behind I've been people. Or that's how bad of a memory I have. Or maybe both.

I any case, enjoy.

Who will win for most trades? You or Will?
There can be only one!

Is Will now your soulmate?
I think I'm in love

How did he win you over?
I'm a sucker for 80's monster toys

Are you and Will secretly trying to drive Rosalie mad?
Get out of my head!

If Rosalie goes mad - who do you think she'd murder first?
I think I'd be put in that Superman: The Movie slide prison and Will would be stuck of a ship with ghost pirates.