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Nik Trades Me Last Supper Statue for Steam Powered Top Hat

Traded With: 
Nik and Something about PBS or Something

Nik's "Interview" questions that I made him make up himself and then answer.

Q: What's the worst thing about spongebaths? 

A: When it pops zits, blisters, and open soares
Q: Would you ever use Sponge Bob in a sponge bath? 
A: Yes, why should I suffer alone! 
Q: What are the hazards of spongebaths?
A: Ear infections, also known as swimmer's ear can result from water building up and the resulting increase in bacteria. 

Impact injuries are also possible from landing inappropriately in a bath, from an elevation, or from collision with other bathers, or with the sides of the bath. 

Infections caused by bacteria thriving in the warm water of pipes and holders, such as Legionellosis. 

Irritation caused by bathing solutions or other cosmetic products. 

Infection caused by sharing dirty bathwater or bathing with others. 

Falling due to the wet and smooth surface of the bath itself, spilt water on the adjoining floor, or having the bath raised above the floor (common in some European countries).

Therefore, it is advisable to place a rubber mat in the bath, and for people with less dexterity or balance to be seated during bathing.

Q: Are spongebaths sexy? 
A: Only with old people because you never know what you're grabbing.