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Nik Trades me Technocolor Chicken and Super Stripey Pig for Box of Regrets and Two Empire Carpet Man Bobblehead Dolls

Traded With: 
Nik being subtle about
Nik in a mask for some reason.

Another trade from Nik at

Sometimes I feel like maybe this website is a bit unnecessary and just provides Nik with a handy user interface when asking me to trade art with him. Sometimes - but not always. When we get to 100% Nik might be time for a change.

But until then, we press on -- not like the nails -- but like progress -- ingenuity -- the future.

Nik's answers to my "interview" questions.

Q: How big is your butt? (please measure with cloth measuring tape and determine the circumference of each cheek individually.)
A: As big as 17 hermit crabs

Q: Do you abhor the inclusion of fruit with meat in a meal?
A: I plead the Finzie which means I'm fine putting everything into a blender and drinking it. Mmmm meat smoothie!

Q: How much do you like to get things in the mail? Do you ever order things online just so you'll get packages in the mail because even though you write about a million letters a year to all your friends and acquaintances, they never seem to get around to writing back -- or they receive your letter and then respond by email?
A: I'm a mail addict! And yes, I shop the 1cent auctions on eBay for that daily x-mas of junk high.

Q: What's Hyaena like? You sent me a flyer for their gallery with your last shipment of stuffs and it looks cool. Do they just do solo shows, or do they carry smaller numbers of pieces for artists ever? Would they like shower art?
A: is awesome - They do solo shows and consignments. I think they'd love the shower art! True crime artifacts, serial killer art, lowbrow, outsider, just everything weird and odd can be found at Hyaena.

Q: Do you ever feel proud of yourself after you poop?
A: If the poop is bigger than a small dog - YES!

Q: Do you think it's weird to have sunburned knees and pasty white legs at the same time?
A: I think that's kinda hot!

Q: What's the dumbest thing you've done in front of a girl you liked?
A: Make up terrible white people dances to woo. The more terrible it is the better the reaction.

Note from The Sauce: Yeah, that's pretty dumb.