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Nik Trades me Terror Clown for Alien Anal Probe, Tin Foil Hat and Dogs Playing Poker Shirt

Traded With: 
Nik, where he belongs
Nik, where he belongs

These pictures are of Nik in a shop in Campbell, CA called Psycho Donuts where he shows his art.

It's an asylum-themed donut shop. And it makes senses because most people think you DO have to be a little crazy to not like donuts. Personally, I'm not a huge fan, but I eat them if they are offered (as it is with most food based items -- or was until the mere thought of eating anything that other than chicken broth started to make me hurl -- but that's a story for another time). I don't like donuts much because they remind me of cake. And I don't like cake at all. Yick. Something about bread that is sweet is just so wrong to me.

Where was I going with this?
Oh right -- there was never a destination. Just rambling incoherent-ness about donuts and my dislike for them.

My real question about those pictures is how Nik ever got a girl that hot to stand next to him after making the face he's making in the first picture? Or maybe she took the picture with him BEFORE he started making that face and there-fore totally got duped into taking pictures with The Face Man (a.k.a. Nik). The world will never know. Unless Nik comments below here and lets us all off the edge of suspense and just tells us how much she got paid.

I'm kind of really in like with the Terror Clown painting. I like it so much that I "joked" with Nik about bARTer Sauce being over now so I could just keep it. But it's not over. It's never over.

I also recently bought one of Nik's paintings off of It's a monkey. And he has really long, wavy arms. It's behind our couch right now. The Terror Clown really would go well with it. Maybe The Sauce IS over? Hmmmmmmmm...

Nah, can't be. I just applied for a grant. I have to at least wait until I get the rejection letter before I can close up The Sauce and run away with Terror Clown under my arm, hopping a train or two to make my great getaway. That will all be quite difficult since I now walk with a cane (and yet another story for another time...).

Good evening.

hello nurse!

not *just* a hot girl
i took that photo...heh

i am the nurse!

haha this is really funny.  i didnt know you didnt like donuts, thats too bad...

Holy Shit

A hot nurse is posting comments on bARTer Sauce. This is the day I have been waiting for my whole life. I can die happy now. Trade me something hot nurse. Trade me something. p.s. I do like donuts. It's doughnuts that I don't like. I forgot.