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Nik Trades Me Vampire Captain Bobblehead for Dancing FIgures Painting

Traded With: 
bARTer Sauce Trade with Nicolas Caesar: Remixed into I'm Full of Tapeworms
bARTer Sauce Trade with Nicolas Caesar: Remixed into I'm Full of Tapeworms
bARTer Sauce Trade with Nicolas Caesar: Remixed into I'm Full of Tapeworms

Nik has answered so many "interview" questions at this point I wasn't  sure there would be anything else we could learn about him. I've basically unzipped him, turned him inside-out and shaken him until all of his insides spilled out all over in previous interviews. I was fortunate that I saw him posting on Facebook about moving a lot recently. Finally. Something new to talk about! Also, I ended up mailing his package to the wrong address (still claim this is not my fault) so we cover that as well. Not to ruin the suspense or anything but he blames me.
Q. How many times have you moved in the last six months?
A: Twice. Moving is horrible. It's like being an ant without a destination.

Q. Seeing how many times you have moved, it hardly seems like you can blame someone for sending a package to the wrong address, right?

A: I still can - Rosalie!

Q. Where did you find Captain Vampire?
A: I found him at a thrift store. Normally when you get on ships where the Captain is a vampire it's a bad thing.

Q. I'm sorry to hear that your grandmother passed away recently. I know you were organizing her estate. What was the most interesting thing you found?
A: I found some old 50th party gifts from her late husband. A "How do you measure up?" penis gallery, a set o scotch lollipops (Do they get better with age? 'Cause I'm guessing 20 years!), and a man's pacifier that has two crudely made boobs on the suck side of it.

Q.  What is your first memory of your grandmother?
A: Before Sarah and I were even dating Sarah invited me over for a coloring date and I met her then. It was very brief but she had great gummi worms.
And Nik was kind enough to send me an additional story. He remixed (painted over, upcycled, revised, added to...) the Dancing Figures Painting (he does that with lots of the bARTer Sauce items I trade him) and here's his explanation of the resulting piece: 
There's this Discovery Channel Documentary I'm trying to find called 'Eaten Alive' which is full of gross out parasite stories. My favorite is the one about the fisherman who caught a fish in a lake and didn't cook it all the way. Months later he's on the can and the poop keeps coming out of his ass like a magician's handkerchief trick. He reaches under and figures out it's not shit. It's alive. So he screams for his wife to get some scissors. She runs in, cuts the thing and the rest zips back up his butt - only later to be surgically removed. 

Tapeworms - the pet that takes care of itself until it grows the size of an alligator and you have to flush it.

So when I saw this piece on bARTer Sauce - it was a perfect mix to the story. Yellow and black dancing, crackling colors that bled through to the fish in the picture and made the whole thing sickening cute. When I read about the dancers I immediately imagined tapeworms dancing inside mountain fish.