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Octavian trades me a painting called Transition in exchange for The photo of a Naked Chick by my studio partner Kimberly

Traded With: 
Rosalie and Octavian making a bARTer Sauce trade

bARTer Sauce struck it rich at First Thursday.

Rich I tell you. Rich. People kept coming in, reading about The Sauce and then going home to get me trades. Hells yes. This is how it's supposed to be. I suppose it helped that I actually printed out the stories that go with each item and posted them with the display. Without those, it's kind of just a big pile of weird stuff for no real reason. Now it has context and makes some sense. Huzzah!

Octavion lives in the OK Hotel and stops by our studio sometimes with his little dog, Carlo. Carlo is the cutest old dog that I've ever seen. You know how sometimes old dogs smell weird and are kind of....gamey? He's not. Carlo is a total ladies man and is just about the cutest thing ever.

He has also been eyeing (Octavion, not Carlo) these little plaques I made that have voodoo doll bodies and resin covered skulls for heads. I've sworn over and over that he can never have then for any amount of money. And in a way, I was right. Because as soon as he tromped back in with a painting to trade The Sauce, I just gave them to him. How could I resist?