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Patrick Trades Me Alien Anal Probe, Alien Mind Control Reflecting Helmet and Dogs Playing Poker shirt for Hand of Doom Drawing

Traded With: 
The back of Patrick's Head

Alien Anal Probe Disclaimer:

This item may or may not actually be an Alien Anal Probe (most likely not). It is entirely possible this item is in fact an auger for an industrial plastics weigh blender (sounds more reasonable). It may or may not be made of exotic and dangerous alien technology (doubtful at best). It could in fact be made from normal type 316 stainless steel and FDA approved food grade polymers (very possible). The Alien Anal Probe may have been actually used as an anal probe (not even remotely plausible), but more than likely it has been used for the intended purpose in an unnamed plastics plant for several years and was recently replaced (plausible explanation).

The Alien Mind Control Reflecting Helmet made from extra thick tin foil may or may not actually block alien thoughts.

The dogs playing poker shirt is in fact the only thing known to reflect alien mind control rays. It also freaks out old ladies and small children which is a bonus effect.