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Patrick Trades me Time Machine Parts and Tiny, Landscape Painted on a Pill for Scary Clown Painting

Traded With: 
Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Close-up of Patrick's 'Dog's Playing Poker' shirt. I'm jealous.
Me & Patrick doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Patrick came by First Thursday with his wife Tina.

Actually, he dropped her off with the Time Machine Parts in front of the studio and she did much of the negotiation ("Are there any guys in here who can carry these Time Machine Parts? They're heavy!") while he circled the block many times looking for parking.

It always amazes me just how small of a city Seattle is. I mean literally, everywhere I go, I run into someone I know. It's weird. But Trina, a friend of mine from EtsyRain (our local group for crafters who sell stuff on the best website ever, came by the studio when we first opened. Well anyway, she had run into Tina down the street who mentioned that she was dropping off Time Machine Parts for bARTer Sauce. I guess they all know each other or Tina works at the place where Trina takes her kids or something like that. I stopped listening a little when the conversation turned to (yawn) kids. But weird that someone hanging out in the studio knew someone else who was coming for bARTer Sauce. That's all I'm trying to say. I guess it's not really that weird, but I'm hard pressed for something exciting to write here.

I guess the most exciting thing that really happened during the trade was Patrick's shirt. I'm so jealous. It's covered in Dogs Playing Poker. I want! I want! But I guess I'll have to be satisfied with the zoomed in pictures I took of Patrick's tummy (the part of the shirt with the cutest puppies playing poker).