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Rachael trades me Headless Gabriel for Bad Kid

Traded With: 
Rachael doing her impression of Bad Kid

Rachael was kind enough to tolerate some of my "interview" questions.

She was the winner of the 2010 bARTer Sauce Trade Off. She competed against another Sauce trader for the Bad Kid painting. They each submitted their trade offer and stories and then folks voted on who I should trade with by leaving comments. Rachael won! Yay! She's a winner!

Have some fun learning basically nothing important about her: 

Q: What size books do you prefer? 
A: About the size of my face seems to work out pretty well. That way if I fall asleep in a book it's big enough not to leave a line around my face but not big enough to snap shut on my head and press it like a daisy......
Q: Hardcover or paperback?
A: Old hardcover with no jacket.
Q: Is there anything that exists that is technically NOT garbage -- that you DO consider garbage? 

A: Not's mostly the other way around....
Q: Have you ever picked through the garbage in a wealthy neighborhood?
A: No. I wouldn't even know where to look for one of those...
Q: How many chairs do you have in your house?

A: Three.
Q: Do you ever sit on a large, inflatable ball?
A: No. But I definitely would if I had one. I used to sit on an underfilled giant purple bean-bag chair...but my roomates cat peed on it.
Q: If yes, why?
A: If the answer were yes, why would you even question? Some things just defy explaination.
Q: What the best use of foam rubber that you have ever seen?

A: It's boring but I am a huge fan of the foam rubber mattress.....