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Rachael Trades Me "I Found An Alternate Dimension In A Hole In My Sock Painting" for Ceramic Ray Gun

Traded With: 
Rachel, in hat, with ceramic ray gun

As per usual, I subjected Rachael to my horribly inept "interview" questions:

Q: Have you ever read The Hobbit? If so, did you find yourself ever referring to those maps in the front of the book?
A: I read it in grade school, and who DOESN'T refer to the maps!?

Q: Do you have or have you ever had a roommate?
A: I've never had a roommate but I have had numerous strange attic-dwellers.

Q: On a scale of 1-10 what is your opinion of pickles? (10 being "you effing love pickles)
A: My opinion of pickles is 11 because I reeeally effing love pickles, 11 is my favorite number, and I decree that this scale "goes to 11".

Q: Have you ever collected stickers?
A: Stickers, no. But then again, I do collect knives and those can be used for stickin' in a way, yes.

Q: Have you taken classes in painting, or are you self taught?
A: Neither in particular...that would imply that I know what I'm doing...