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Rachael Trades Me Two-Face Jane for Brain Scan

Traded With: 
Rachel and a picture of her brain

Since this trade took place through the mail, I subjected Rachel to the normal round of annoyingly inane "interview" questions:

Q: How old are you?
A: 20 if you don't count the part where I was a fetus.

Q: Where did you find out about bARTer Sauce?
A: From the book about The Museum of Bad Art

Q: Did you fall asleep after you finished the doll?
A: some span of time since the creation of the doll I have slept, yes...but my memory of the exact timing has gone all fluffly-like.

Q: What other kinds of stuff do you make?
A: I make some paintings and pencil drawings and other random things out of found objects, my favorite being my sink-parts mobile.

Q: Do you have any annoying pets?
A: Funny you should ask that. My mom has a dog that I refer to as the screaming football.

Q: If you had to eat potatoes every day for a year, would you be happy or sad?
A: I think both emotions would kinda come at me in waves...

Q: How much cheese do you think is better for people? 10 tons or 50 tons?
A: Divided up between a lot of people, I'm going to say 50 tons. Some people like cheese more than others.

Q: How much coffee do you drink every day?
A: How much is there?