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Rebecca Trades Me Space Alien in Ship for Box of Lost Memories

Traded With: 
Rebecca DeVere

My ever-annoying interview questions.

At least I actually thought of the interview questions this time and didn't try and make the person trading with me write their own weird questions and then answer them. I did that to Nik. Ha!

Q. Do you like sandwiches? If yes, what's your favorite kind?
A. I absolutely loved grilled sandwiches and I am a sandwich freak.

Q. Who do you think uses more glitter in their work? Me or you?
A. I would arm wrestle for that.I love glitter. We might have to go back to who is oldest and has been using it the longest and that would be me so I win!

Q. Do you want to have a "glitter-off" championship competition?
(Note -- granted, this question was not answered directly here, but we have made plans to potentially do a Glitter Off Championship. If you have any idea what that is or what it might be -- post a comment here and maybe we'll follow your directions.)

Q. What's your dog's name?
A. Rocky and Winnie. My dog Rocky has been on TV three times, met the mayor of Kirkland, been in the newspaper.He makes chewed art.He even sold two paintings for $250 each.

Q. How long have you lived in Seattle?
A. Well, I live in Kirkland-15 years in the Seattle area, starting off in West Seattle

Q. How did you meet Kelly Lyles?
A. When I was new in town I met a guy and told him I was an artist-he said"oh I know an artist" and gave me Kelly Lyles phone # I called her and she said wanna go to a party? and its been dear friends ever since.

Q. Do you like to think that you have any super powers?
A. I have ESP

Q. Is astroturf hard to work with (is that what's inside the space ship?)
A. SPACE Glitter should never be confused with asrto turf!!!!

Q. What's the funniest thing your dog does?
A. Rocky loves tennis balls and he hoards them, Winnie loves frisbees because then she can fly

Q. What was your first kiss like?
A. YYYeeeeeeeeeeeeee! There have been so many. I think it was probably my mom smootching the top of my head.