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Rebekah Trades Me a Doll Sculpture and Ceramic Necklace for 25 Door Plates and Ancient Dominos

Traded With: 
Rebekah Norris, A bARTer Sauce trader
Rebekah Norris, A bARTer Sauce trader
Rebekah Norris, A bARTer Sauce trader

Rebekah made not one - but two - trades at the bARTer Sauce show at SideShow studios this summer

Thanks Rebekah! And just because I'm thankful doesn't mean that you'll get out of answering my "interview" questions. Mmmmwwwahahahahhahaha!

Q. How did you hear about The Sauce show?
It sounds like you came prepared with stuff to trade. Are you a friend of Nik's?
A. I saw The Sauce show at SideShow. I show my jewelry and other art bits there. I am an aquaintance of Nik's - he's a cool guy.
NOTE FROM THE SAUCE: Nik is a cool guy. Confirmed.

Q. Could you please measure the circumference of the tip of your elbow in centimeters and share the number here?
A. If I did it correctly, 9 cm. (90 mm - my ruler didn't have cm)

Q. What is your favorite way to prepare potatoes?

A. Yes. Potatoes are great however you prepare them.
NOTE FROM THE SAUCE: I think I love you.

Q. Did you ride a tricycle when you were younger?
A. I don't remember. I assume I did.

Q. What made you stop?
A. ??? This makes me want to buy a grownup one now ...

Q. Do you like sharing your feelings or do you bottle it all up inside?

A. Oh, that depends on the feelings, and the audience ... and the day of the week.

Q. Have you ever played frisbee golf?

A. Nope.

Q. Do you have any pets?
A. Yes

Q. How many? What kind and what are their names?

A. Several fish (haven't check the population count lately) Ples, the plecosthamus; the beta things have no names. Two cats, Mija and Annie. Two dogs, Adella and Walter.

Q. How much do you estimate that you spend each year on notebooks and writing utensils?

A. Less than $100

Q. Do you have any especially strong feelings about gum chewing?
A. I feel, therefore I chew.

Patting myself on the back

Patting myself on the back for the way the little decapitated baby sculpture looks like he's peeking at me.

OMG! You're right! What a

OMG! You're right! What a great crop: he IS peeking at you!