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Regina Trades Me Three Skulls for Jar Man

Traded With: 
Regina and Jar Man sittin' in a tree...

Regina is awesome and you should check out her website. Regina was kind enough to send some answers to my ridiculous "interview" questions:

Q: If you could punch anything in nature, what would it be?
A: The safe answer is Cancer. I'd punch that till the cows came home. But my first thought was to punch a Tsunami. Bastard things.

Q: How many parents do you have?
A: Is this a trick question? Will I be graded on this? You're playing on my insecurities, arent' you? Are you? I have two sets of parents, in my mind.

Q: How much coffee do you think you drink in a month?
A: Just the right amount.

Q: If the answer to the above question is 'none' - what is wrong with you?
A: I live in England now where they constantly offer me tea. I get sick of it and have to change it up by having mucho coffee instead.

Q: Do you like pants or skirts better?
A: Decisions, decisions. I like loose pants but I look much nicer in skirts. It's all about comfort vs style, so it depends on my plans.

Q: What's your favorite book?

A: And I Don't Want To Live This Life by Deborah Spungen was fascinating, but currently I'm reading Scent Of The Missing by Susannah Charleson and it rocks in so many ways.

Q: What blogs do you read all the time?
A: Well does bARTer Sauce count? I also like to peruse my friends blogs. I'm quite boring in my blog lust. Oh, what about Post Secret! That's bookmarked next to bARTer Sauce.

Q: What are your thoughts about Hello Kitty?
A: It's a love/hate thing. She makes me think of my friend Damon (don't ask) so it's good, but sometimes I want to punch her. Hey! Can I change my answer for the first question?!

Q: How many pancakes do you think you could eat in one sitting?
A: The older I get, the less I can eat. But if I tried I bet I could eat four big ones. NOM NOM NOM.

Q: Have you ever made your own ketchup?
A: Why the hell would I do that? If God had wanted us to make our own ketchup, he wouldn't have put it into such fantastic squeezable bottles.