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Ariane sends me Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowl (with ceramic chips included) for the Lawn Cat Thing

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Shake Me I Sound Broken

I was supposed to mail Ariane's Lawn Cat days ago.

Weeks ago.

But I had that post-office-phobia again. The one where I pretend to be afraid of the post office because I don't feel like going. But once I had Ariane's package, Sean's package and three orders for Shower Art, I knew the time had come. I could no longer put off the inevitable.

Luckily Doug was kind enough to drive me to the post office since that Lawn Cat weighs more than you would think and I have a bulging disk in my neck that prevents me from ever doing real work.

Ariane had sent my chips and dip sculpture thing about a week before. And luckily for me, the box was the perfect size to send off Sean's Pin Up Girl with Meat Wings painting. Sean, you only have Ariane to thank. I did nothing. I didn't even make it to the post office on my own.